Servo Injection Moulding Machine

Servo Injection Moulding Machine

Servo Energy Savings Series

Main Hydraulic Index Trishul Servo Index
Response Time of Pressure Rise 50ms Response Time of Pressure Rise 50ms
Response Time of Flow Rise 40ms Response Time of Flow Rise 40ms
Range of Pressure Fluctuations +0.9 Bar Range of Pressure Fluctuations +0.9 Bar
KW.h/Kg : Repeatability Precision
1st Class <= 0.4 Special Class <= 0.5
2nd Class > 0.4-0.55 1st Class > 0.5-1
3rd Class >= 0.55-0.7 2nd Class >= 1-2

Servo Energy Saving Schematic Diagram

The Servo Energy Saving Plastic Moulding Machinery Configure Rotary Encoder And Pressure Sensor. So It Will Feedback The Flow & Pressure In Time. It Adjusts The Flow & Pressure by Changing The Servo Synchronous Motor's Rotate Speed And The Torsion to make Sure Higher Repeatability Precision, Maximum Energy Saving And The Production Efficiency.

Servo Energy Saving Schematic Diagram


Test Product : Disk disc example
Plastic Material : PS
Product Weight : 100g
Product Wall Thickness : 2.6mm
Number of Mold Cavity : 1
Test Condition : Power Test Device Record 3 Series IMM's Value During Full Auto Producing When The Oil Temperature Stable at 45° C
Comparison of IMM 160T IMM 160T IMM 160T IMM
Moulding Cycle Time s 20 20 20
Test Time h 3 3 3
Cycle Count mold 540 540 540
Power Consumption/Hour KW/h 12.6 8.1 6.6
Power Consumption/Year KW/h 83160 53460 43560
Power Consumption/Kg KW.h/kg 0.7 0.45 0.36
Effect of Servo Energy Saving % IMM With Fixed Pump 51.6
IMM With Variable Pump 24.7
Servo Energy Saving Schematic Diagram

The required energy consumption to produce the processing ruler by an energy saving machines are 51.6% less when compared to a traditional hydraulic imm and 24.7% less than imm with an optimized variable pump the energy saving machine also requires 80% less energy to produce a thick wall product which needs a longer holding & cooling time or 50% less than using an IMM fitted with optimized variable pump.

Special Features:

  1. Large Clamp Stroke, Efficient and Reliable Movement. Wear Resistance & High Quality Cas􀀰ng Platen Adopts Finite Element Analysis Design That Brings Even Stress Distribu􀀰on to Increase Mold Locking Precision. Self Lubrica􀀰ng Bushes Used In Guide Rods and Tie‐Bars For Smooth Running and Elimina􀀰ng The Need of External Lubrica􀀰on of Machine Surfaces and Plas􀀰c Goods. Automa􀀰c Mold Height Adjustment by Hydraulic Motor Through a Planetary Gears System Ensures Fast and Constant Se􀀶ngs. Mul􀀰 Eject Func􀀰on With Adjustable Pressure, Speed, Posi􀀰on And Delay Time. Low Pressure Mold Protect. Linear Poten􀀰ometer For Mold Clamp Posi􀀰on Control. Three Stages of Mold‐ OPEN/CLOSE, Pressure and Speed Control. Whole Covered Guide of Clamping unit Ensures The Operator’s Safety.

Optional Features:

  1. INJECTION MOLDING MACHINE Energy Efficient High Precision & Stable Moulding Quick Response & Low Noise
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